Just in Time Cloud Rendering

Light Field Science  | Lytro | February 2018

Those of you who read this blog and have been following our cloud rendering posts will know that we process massive amounts of data to create a Light Field VR piece. This processing is expensive, both in dollars spent and in turnaround time, and naturally we are constantly looking for new rendering architectures to reduce both costs. […]

12 Fascinating AR/VR Statistics

News and Updates  | Lytro | January 2018

We’ve gathered twelve of the most revealing reports from this past year on AR/VR funding, marketing, and consumer behavior. The research reveals that 2017 was a year of significant growth in the AR/VR industries, that […]

Lytro glossary #4

Virtual Reality  | Lytro | December 2017

Here’s our fourth installment of Lytro’s glossary of frequently used terms to help educate and inform about VR, cinematography, digital imaging, photography and light. We’re expanding this glossary as relevant terms arise. Our intent is to add […]

pictures.lytro.com discontinued

News and Updates  | Lytro | November 2017

More than two years ago, Lytro began focusing on Light Field video solutions for the cinema and virtual reality industries, and discontinued the manufacturing and distribution of Lytro cameras for photography. However, our research and […]

Lytro Volume Tracing in the Cloud

Virtual Reality  | Lytro | November 2017

Lytro cloud and render teams had to work on a tight deadline to deliver One Morning, the first cinematic quality CG experience for VR created with Lytro Volume Tracer. It was also the first time we would be processing multiple shows simultaneously and we had to strategize to optimize our render resources. But we like tough challenges: here’s how we handled this one. […]

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