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To the outside world, Lytro is synonymous with breakthrough innovation and content. Lytro is accelerating the evolution of the VR market, building the platform that will make VR and AR accessible and mainstream, and revolutionizing video for the television and cinematic industries. To those of us who live on the inside, it’s clear the real magic of Lytro is not just about the technology and content that we create, it’s about the people who show up every day and make magic happen. Let me share a couple of simple anecdotes from last week that help illustrate what I mean.

Last Thursday afternoon, Jason, our CEO, was 10 minutes into a presentation about our vision for 2017, when a screaming fire alarm sent the entire company outside on a chilly November evening. Not knowing when we would be allowed back in the building, I asked Jason if he wanted to pick up where he left off, right there in the parking lot. A moment later, in a scene that looked something like a modern day pilgrimage, the team of 70 made its way to a grassy area surrounded by trees. I held up a laptop with Jason’s slides, and my colleagues fully engaged in his presentation, despite the wailing sirens and the dropping temperature. I was inspired by the fact that this team clearly wanted to be there.

When the alarm stopped, almost an hour later, it was getting dark, but a few people thoughtfully suggested we push out our next meetings and let the Lytro Cinema team do their presentation. The whole company stayed on, as the presenters showed us how we were building momentum going into 2017. The cinema team opted to have every team member present short updates on their contributions. Fifteen presenters for a 45-minute presentation should have been unwieldy and disjointed, but instead it was a heartfelt display that quite literally showcased how every individual makes a huge difference.

There are many ways to measure culture. For me, culture shows up every day in small ways, in the way people react and respond to situations, and in how they make decisions. This was just an average Thursday afternoon at Lytro, and in small but meaningful ways, our people showcased a few of the cultural attributes that define us best – the ability to adapt to change, the persistence and drive to accomplish our ambitious goals; we value our teams and celebrate individual contributions, big and small.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a natural time to reflect on the people in your life. Lytro is like an extended family, a community of inventors, technologists, and business operations professionals who come together every day to work on some of the most intriguing and complex technology innovation possible. To our Lytro team – thank you for bringing your passion, curiosity, and care to work everyday. None of our success would be possible if it wasn’t for the effort and contribution each of you brings each day. To Lytro family members and friends – thank you for your support and patience of your loved ones who give so much of themselves to us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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