360° mono

360° mono is a stitched panoramic video captured from multiple cameras. It can deliver a scene in VR, but it only supports the first three degrees of freedom (yaw, pitch and roll). 360° mono has […]

360° omnistereo

360° omnistereo is a computational panoramic video type, produced by stitching together a series of vertical image slices (strips) from multiple camera views to produce a pair of left eye and right eye views for […]

360° stereo

With multiple pairs of left/right cameras, 360°stereo video can be captured and stitched into panoramic video for VR. Stereo 360° provides 3DoF with functional stereo when your point of view aligns horizontally with the camera […]


In VR, three degrees of freedom (3DoF) generally refer to the rotation around an axis, namely yaw (side-to-side horizontal rotation), pitch (vertical up/down rotation) and roll (rotate gaze at an angle). These are easily tracked […]


The six degrees of freedom (6DoF) encompass the natural movement of a person or object in the world, and a 6DoF experience offers twice the freedom of movement of a 3DoF experience. The first three […]


An aperture is an adjustable circular opening which allows more light to pass through a camera lens when it is open and less light as it closes. Changing the aperture affects depth of field as […]


Bokeh is a feature of depth of field in traditional photography that is determined by the sensor size and the aperture setting of the camera. The effect is typically a faceted circular “bloom” based on […]

depth of field

Depth of field is the range of area within an image which appears to be in sharp focus. Depth of field, which is usually controlled by adjusting the camera aperture, is one of the most […]

Depth Screen

Depth Screen is a feature of the Lytro Cinema camera which eliminates the need for green or blue screen on set. The Light Field images captured by the Lytro camera provide very precise depth information […]

equirectangular or equirect image

An equirectangular image is an image that is an unwrapped sphere, and is twice as wide as it is high. There is usually distortion at the top and bottom of the image. Equirectangulars are commonly […]

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