depth of field

Depth of field is the range of area within an image which appears to be in sharp focus. Depth of field, which is usually controlled by adjusting the camera aperture, is one of the most critical tools filmmakers and photographers use to direct the viewer’s attention in the frame. By limiting focus, the viewer’s eyes are directed to the area of the image in sharpest focus.

With the number of factors involved in shooting live action with very limited depth of field, it is not unusual to shoot a number of takes in order to get the shot as designed. Light Field capture allows very precise control over depth of field in post-production. For example, while conventional lenses offer a great deal of flexibility in apertures down to f1, the Lytro system can create a lens of f0.1, giving a very tight range of focus in the image with complete control over where the plane of focus occurs in the frame.  This would be virtually impossible to achieve with a conventional capture system.