view volume sample

A view volume sample is a rendered 2D image of a 3D scene, from a virtual camera placed inside a view volume in that scene. To sample every viewpoint of the scene, a sufficient set […]

view-dependent lighting/fx

Reflections and specular highlights are examples of view-dependent lighting – their brightness changes depending on the viewer’s position relative to the reflective object. Only Light Field technology can accurately reproduce view dependent lighting on shiny […]

volume tracer

Lytro’s Volume Tracer (Lytro VT) is a processing technique used to generate a 6DoF Light Field volume from rendered 2D samples of a 3D scene (these samples can be ray traced or rendered using any […]


Yaw, which is horizontal rotation from side-side, is one of the six degrees of freedom (6DoF). This rotation does not result in parallax.

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