360° mono

360° mono is a stitched panoramic video captured from multiple cameras. It can deliver a scene in VR, but it only supports the first three degrees of freedom (yaw, pitch and roll). 360° mono has […]

360° omnistereo

360° omnistereo is a computational panoramic video type, produced by stitching together a series of vertical image slices (strips) from multiple camera views to produce a pair of left eye and right eye views for […]

360° stereo

With multiple pairs of left/right cameras, 360°stereo video can be captured and stitched into panoramic video for VR. Stereo 360° provides 3DoF with functional stereo when your point of view aligns horizontally with the camera […]


In VR, three degrees of freedom (3DoF) generally refer to the rotation around an axis, namely yaw (side-to-side horizontal rotation), pitch (vertical up/down rotation) and roll (rotate gaze at an angle). These are easily tracked […]