view volume

The view volume is the volume in space for which we have Light Field information. Every ray of light that intersects this volume is captured, giving the viewer six degrees of freedom (6DoF) within that […]

view volume sample

A view volume sample is a rendered 2D image of a 3D scene, from a virtual camera placed inside a view volume in that scene. To sample every viewpoint of the scene, a sufficient set […]

view-dependent lighting/fx

Reflections and specular highlights are examples of view-dependent lighting – their brightness changes depending on the viewer’s position relative to the reflective object. Only Light Field technology can accurately reproduce view dependent lighting on shiny […]

volume tracer

Lytro’s Volume Tracer (Lytro VT) is a processing technique used to generate a 6DoF Light Field volume from rendered 2D samples of a 3D scene (these samples can be ray traced or rendered using any […]