Light Field Post-Production in the Cloud

After a year spent developing our workflow, from Light Field capture to Light Field compositing tools to rendered output capabilities, we can now reveal new examples of Lytro Cinema footage in post-production. Our revolutionary camera system enables an unprecedented range of decisions to be made in post, including reframing scenes, customizing motion blur, and isolating content using unlimited depth screens, and we are committed to making the Lytro post-production experience as seamless as it is powerful.  

Light Field video creates some unique requirements and challenges in post-production. To address these, we decided to collaborate with Foundry and Google to push forward development of Elara, their gateway to Nuke in the cloud. Using Nuke through Elara allows us to work with huge files in the cloud, eliminating the need for high-end desktop machines and potentially allowing us to run dailies sessions in the cloud. Render resources are quickly scalable and distribution options will also be expanded by our use of the Google Cloud Platform; for example, we can now easily allow multiple VFX facilities to access their Lytro Light Field content for post-production work, or we can quickly upload content to editorial.

Lytro continues to collaborate with Foundry to integrate Elara Cloud Service into our workflow. We are working with them to develop methodology to protect client content, to separate content for multiple clients, and to manage access to our custom software. We are confident that our partnership with the Elara team will further enhance the Lytro Cinema post-production experience and help us to deliver on our promise to bring the excitement of Light Field technology into the world of cinema.

Connecting to Nuke through Elara

Reframing our Lytro Cinema test footage in Elara

Light Field capture enables us to reposition the camera with accurate parallax changes after the take has been recorded. These subtle adjustments to the composition can make the difference between an acceptable shot and a perfect shot. We can easily output native stereoscopic versions with precise interaxial and parallax control, supporting a wide variety of screen sizes.

Refocusing our Light Field images in Elara

With Light Field cinematography, moving images can be manipulated in ways never before imagined. The focus of the camera can be changed, the size of the aperture can be adjusted and other on set camera decisions can be changed in post to better support the story.

Using Lytro Depth Screens in Elara

Using the depth map automatically generated during capture of Light Field images, artists can isolate any object or objects in the scene at any depth. This can reduce or eliminate the need for cumbersome and expensive green screens on set, as well as the associated clean up in post.  

Adjusting Bokeh in Elara

Bokeh is a feature of depth-of-field in traditional photography that typically gives the effect of a faceted circular “bloom”. The Lytro Cinema camera allows for custom Bokeh to be created in post-production, with anything from variations of the traditional effect to custom looks.


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