Lytro glossary #2

Here’s the second installment of our glossary of frequently used terms to help educate and inform about VR, cinematography, digital imaging, photography and light. We’ll be continually growing this list with more terms over time, while adding a bit of context about how these items relate to what we do at Lytro. This glossary is a work in progress, so please feel free to let us know any terms you think might be worthy to add. We’ll be regularly adding and posting new definitions in this blog.

positional tracking

VR systems with support for positional tracking, like the Rift or Vive, detect the position of the system relative to the world around it. This is done with the help of sensors, which record signals from the headset or other VR equipment as it moves within a defined space, allowing the motion of the user to be reflected in the virtual world. Positional tracking allows the user to experience the full 6DoF, which makes true immersion possible.


Current cameras and production systems for VR rely on stitching to merge cameras, which introduces seams, warping and distortion. Since the Lytro Immerge system captures a full 360° Light Field, no laborious stitching is required. By removing stitching from the post-production process, we can spend more time improving the imagery rather than assembling lat longs.

head-mounted displays

VR images are usually viewed through a stereo display which is attached to the viewer’s head. This headset contains tracking technology which allows the field of view to be updated as the viewer moves. Head-mounted displays, or HMDs, display stereo images using either mobile phones or, in headsets like the Oculus or Vive, a screen for each eye. The quality of HMDs vary depending on factors like screen resolution, latency, frame rate, field of view, and the accuracy of the head tracking technology. HMDs that use mobile phones currently only track rotation (3DoF), while non-mobile headsets track the full 6DoF, allowing a more immersive experience.

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