More than two years ago, Lytro began focusing on Light Field video solutions for the cinema and virtual reality industries, and discontinued the manufacturing and distribution of Lytro cameras for photography. However, our research and development of the Lytro photography cameras are an invaluable foundation of these new solutions.

As a part of our plan to further focus on these new efforts, and the Lytro Mobile app have been discontinued as of November 30, 2017. Thus, attempting to use the following features will generate an error message in Lytro Desktop:

  • Signing into a Lytro web account
  • Posting to and/or Facebook
  • Viewing online albums
  • Checking for software updates

Other Lytro Desktop tools will be unaffected, and tools that will continue to work for the Lytro ILLUM camera include all adjustment and animation tools, presentation mode and exporting as .jpg, .mov, .gif, etc. To learn how you can continue to share your Lytro camera images and FAQs please visit

Lytro camera images can still be exported for 3D lenticular prints or for viewing in virtual reality headsets. Learn how to transport your Living Pictures into virtual reality at​ For other video tutorials on how to use Lytro ILLUM visit​

This was not an easy decision to make, and we deeply appreciate your belief in Light Field imaging. We hope you find Lytro’s future in professional cinematography and VR, which you helped us to blaze, as exciting and compelling as we do.

Developer Update

We received several requests for allowing the developer community to host Living Pictures without Lytro’s involvement. We are currently evaluating this request but have not yet reached a conclusion. Although we fully trust that the passionate community of developers around Light Field photography can come up with brilliant solutions, there are some challenges to resolve around intellectual property and we cannot promise that it is possible. If you are interested in receiving an email update on this subject, please​ submit your contact information.


If you have questions about Lytro ILLUM please visit ​or submit a request.

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Lytro is building the world’s most powerful Light Field imaging platform enabling artists, scientists and innovators to pursue their goals with an unprecedented level of freedom and control.


  1. You need to release the format for the Lytro consumer cameras so that we can host these on our own sites. This is, literally, the least you can do and not be seen as ungrateful to the customers who funded you in the early days of your company. Do the right thing here, we’re not asking for continued development, just the ability to keep sharing files on our own websites with image players hosted on them.

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