Thank you, Ben. Welcome, Marc.

Marc Andreessen

I’m excited to share the news that Marc Andreessen will be joining our board of directors at Lytro, effective today, and will take over the board seat currently held by Ben Horowitz (bhorowitz). Marc and Ben together are the founding partners of our largest investor, Andreessen Horowitz. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with them both for most of the last 20 years going back to the start of my career at Netscape and have been honored to continue that collaboration at Lytro.

Ben has been an incredible board member and we’ve been lucky to have him at Lytro. He was an invaluable sounding board as we navigated the transition from the consumer camera market to Virtual Reality. He’s helped us recruit some of our superstar team members. He invested in Lytro at a time when other investors lacked the courage and vision to back our company. As CEO, whenever I faced a decision that had no easy answer, Ben was my first call and he always returned those calls in less than two hours with sage advice that seemed revelatory at the time and obvious in hindsight. Beyond the work we’ve done together at Lytro, no single person has had a bigger impact on my career than Ben. His scope has been broad and his expectations high, from ripping apart my attempts to write product definitions and forcing me to make them better as a new product manager to training me how to manage to teaching me first hand about the Hard Things About Hard Things. Ben, thank you for everything you’ve done for Lytro and for me.

Lytro is now in a place where we are leading the charge to make live action Virtual Reality real through the power of the Light Field. The state of VR today feels much like where the Web was circa 1995. In order to execute our plan and realize our vision, we are aggressively pushing the bounds of what is possible in computing today and actively imagining and inventing the future. In this context, I can’t imagine a better board member and partner than Marc. He is one of those rare individuals who lives 5–10 years in the future and can see around corners. His ability to perfectly articulate how things are going to work in the future and trace that line of thought back to where we are today is uncanny, and his historical knowledge of how tectonic changes in technology have unfolded over time is encyclopedic. He’s also incredibly funny and never hesitates to tell you exactly what he thinks. Before Marc started work on what would become the Netscape browser, he had a deep passion for 3D graphics which is fundamental to our efforts at Lytro to merge the power of computer graphics with live action capture. This is a very exciting time in the emergence of VR and for our company. Marc, welcome to the team as we start this next exciting chapter of our journey.

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